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Career Coaching

Some Questions for Businesses…
  • Are you always able to keep your most talented people in your business?
  • Are you getting the maximum potential out of your key managers and directors? Are they fully utilising their key strengths in their current role?
  • Do your key new appointees make maximum impact as quickly and positively as you would like?
  • Do the individuals in your team have the requisite skills to move easily and smoothly into their next role in your succession plan?
  • Are all your key managers as motivated and as energised as possible?
Some Questions for Individuals…
  • Are you completely confident that you have the skills to progress on your chosen career path?
  • Do you feel that you always perform at your best level?
  • Do you feel valued and invested in by your employer?
  • Do you find it easy to remain consistently motivated in your role?
  • Does your current role give you a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that you are utilising your strengths and key skills to maximum effect?
  • Congratulations if you have answered YES to most of the above questions. You are in the minority of employers/employees and deserve all the success you are undoubtedly enjoying!
If, however, like the majority of people, you have answered NO to a lot of these questions, whilst you may well have various initiatives and processes in place to deal with the issues, Career Coaching could well provide the most cost effective and bespoke solution to your career progression/people development challenges.
What is Coaching?
Career coaching is not about giving someone the answers, rather it is about facilitating and guiding them to a position where they can make the best choices and take full ownership of the consequences and results of those choices. Amongst other things, coaching with Excelerate focuses on:
Unlocking a person’s potential in order to maximise their performance. It is about making good performers better.
Enabling individuals to understand and accept the need for change, thus making behavioural change more likely to happen.
Helping the individual determine what they need and want to achieve in their work and helping them figure out how to get there.
Who benefits?
Career Coaching is of particular benefit to Companies who are:
  • Unable to retain talented people in their business
  • Undergoing strategic change and require changes in managerial capability or behaviour.
  • Want their team members to achieve their full potential and consistently perform at their highest level
  • Want to create a proactive, positive and motivated "coaching culture" within the business.
Career Coaching is of particular benefit to Individuals who are:
  • Aware they have development needs which are inhibiting success in their current role or affecting future promotional opportunities.
  • Not being appropriately stretched and developed in their current role.
  • Undergoing significant organisational change, or a change in role/company.
  • Have reached a plateau in their jobs and require additional challenge and stimulation.
  • Would feel the benefit of an objective sounding board for ideas, challenges and opportunities.
Why choose Excelerate Resources?
Excelerate has many benefits over and above other coaching consultancies.
  • Being a smaller, family-oriented and sustainability-focused consultancy means our approach is very tailored and specific to the individuals concerned, with a deliberate focus on the “whole picture”. We understand how much career choices and issues impact on all other areas of your life, and that a happy family, good work-life balance and ultimate enjoyment of a career are often inseparable.
  • We will provide you with experienced, objective sounding board and a “fresh look” at solving the challenges you face.
  • With bases in the Midlands and London, we are never far away for a face-to-face session.
The Excelerate Resources Career Coaching Process
The length and duration of a coaching programme depends on the particular objectives to be achieved. However, it is usually in the region of a minimum of 3 months, in order to allow enough time for behavioural change to take place. Programs usually consist of an initial meeting, followed by a minimum of a further 3 monthly meetings, each one lasting 2 hours. These meetings can take place either face to face or over the telephone and include written follow-up notes from your coach after each session.
If the Coaching is being instigated by an employer for a member of their team, it is advisable to have some introductory 3-way correspondence with the individual, their sponsor and the coach to agree overall objectives for the coaching sessions.
It is often beneficial for the individuals undertaking coaching to have a personal profile compiled, either before or at the outset of the coaching sessions. These are used principally to raise self-awareness for the coachee and can also provide useful benchmarks for the success of the programme. An example of profiling that we highly recommend is PI (Predictive Index) Profiling. Contact us for a sample profile.
Your Investment:
  • Individually paid sessions are charged at £70 + VAT per hour (usually 2 hour sessions)
  •  Discounts are available to candidates referred to us by current clients.
To discuss how Career Coaching can benefit you please contact us - 01926 747606.